How to make French Fries

French fries

French fries are never made in my home. mostly due to the fact that deep-frying is always dirty, irritating, and time-consuming. (Does anybody else detest batch cooking?) Additionally, they are never as tasty or crispy as McDonald’s. But I have learned a brilliant trick that completely alters everything. It produces frites that are very crispy on the exterior and creamy on the inside. Here are some ways that it differs from and improves on the conventional method of preparing fries.

  • You don’t have to let the potatoes soak in water for a very long time.

By removing extra starch by soaking thinly sliced potatoes in water, you may make fries that are crispier. Some recipes instruct you to soak for an entire night, while others advise frequent water changes.

  • The best gold is Yukon gold

They won’t need to soak in water to crisp up since they are less starchy. People will notice the small difference between the outside crunch and the buttery inner feel when it is cooked.

  • No candy thermometer is required

Fry-related recipes are frequently very detailed. The oil’s temperature needs to be precisely right. Not using this approach. It turns out that you may place potatoes in a large, deep pan (or Dutch oven) that are unsoaked, cover them with cold oil so that they are barely covered, and then bring the entire thing to a boil. As long as it’s hot and bubbling, it doesn’t really matter what temperature it is.

  • You only need to fry it once. 

In culinary school, I learned that you should fry food twice: the first time at a temperature between 325° and 330° to dry them out, and the second time at a temperature between 350° and 360° to get them golden and bistro-level crispy. I never did it at home because of this. This technique cooks the fries all at once, and when they come out, they are ready to eat! Naturally, this comes after heavily salting them.


Step 1
Paper towels should be used to line a big baking sheet. Slice potatoes into 14″ rounds by cutting them lengthwise, then cut each round into sticks. Place in a Dutch oven and add just enough oil to cover the potatoes. Turn up the heat and boil the oil for five minutes.

Step 2: Cook potatoes for 15 minutes without stirring. Then, gently pry any sticks away from the pan using tongs. About 10 minutes more of cooking will get the potatoes golden and crispy.

Step 3 Transfer fries to a baking sheet lined with paper towels using a big slotted spoon. Salt should be added right away.

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